5 Things To Avoid In Order To Get Fit

The road towards a healthy lifestyle, though long and windy, is far from impossible. The main ingredients to a successful recipe are discipline and motivation. Once we possess these two elements, all further challenges that might come our way may look huge in the distance but in the end, as they say: “if there’s a will there’s a way.”


The first steps we can take in order to start a new fitness lifestyle revolve more around what we shouldn’t do rather than what we should do. In other words, before we start pushing ourselves to our limits at the gym, we should first leave behind all those bad habits and choices that will hold us back from making any further progress towards a healthy life.


There’s no point in adopting and embracing healthier habits while we keep practicing all those bad habits we already have. Our main concern should be how or which habits to quit, before starting a whole new routine for our day to day life.


Here are 5 things we should definitely avoid in order to get fit:

Processed foods

Though it might sound like a cliche, processed foods will always remain the most important thing to quit whenever we want to start a new healthy lifestyle. They lack all the nutrients they could possibly have once they’ve been processed, so basically, there’s only fat, sugar and sodium left. And, as we might already know, that won’t ever bring any other benefits than gaining weight.


The biggest challenge we face when giving up processed foods is that we’re probably used to its consumption on a regular basis. There are quite a few ways we can achieve this in order to lose weight, but, more importantly, to give back to our bodies what we’ve been taking away due to an unhealthy lifestyle.


Meat, for example, because of how animal farms are handled, has been linked to many diseases including cancer. Not to mention the meat industry is the leading cause of greenhouse effect gases, which are the main contributor to global warming.

Our calorie intake

We all know how important it is not consuming too many calories a day. As doing so is giving our bodies more energy than what it needs and in return, it ends up being stored as fat. Nevertheless, not consuming enough can also have a negative effect on our health. Tricky, huh?


Keeping track of how many exact calories we’re getting a day is also widely discouraged. Though it’s rather healthy to have an idea or know an approximation of how we’re doing, we’re taking the risk of becoming obsessed with counting every single unit we give our bodies. This could also lead to major obsessive psychological problems.

Not doing exercise

Exercise is an extremely important part of a healthy life. It has a wide almost endless amount of benefits, which include weight loss, better mood, better circulation, stronger bones and muscles and stronger willpower.


Maybe you’re not an athlete or sports are not your passion, but doing at least one physical activity, such as running will benefit your health even if you’re going through a very hard time. However, choosing only one type of exercise could not the best course of action.


When we start to work on improving our body, we can think about it just as if we were wanting to upgrade our car or our computer. It will definitely help to focus in certain areas at times, but in the end, we need to cover all areas of the body in order to keep it functioning and performing as it should.


There’s no good in having an excellent engine if we never take care of the rest of the car, and the same goes the other way around.

Not drinking enough water

Staying hydrated is essential to start a healthy lifestyle. It not only helps our bodies work better in every single aspect, but it also speeds up our metabolism which means we will have a better digestion and losing weight will become much easier.


Drinking enough water throughout the day will also ensure our brains are getting enough oxygen which also helps with our concentration on analytical tasks. In other words, it works as oil to our car.

Too much alcohol

It’s hard for some to completely give up on drinking alcohol. And, because it’s so widely accepted, it might be a very long time before we get to see alcohol with the same warnings we see in cigarettes, or before we actually get to realize as a society the effects that it can have on our lives.


Nevertheless, alcohol is here, everybody drinks it and there is no denying that it has become a crucial ingredient to the social life in every corner of the world. However, we should try to keep an eye on how much we’re drinking, not only because of its addictive properties but also because of its high sugar levels that contribute to heart-related diseases, kidney problems, liver problems and so on.


Following the path to a new healthy lifestyle will always be challenging, but it’s not impossible. If we find the courage and motivation to give our own life a spin, that’s all we’re going to need.


Setting our minds on those goals that will improve the quality of our life will always be worth the effort. And no matter how challenging it might seem at the beginning, as long as we never forget the reasons why we want to do it, we will never lack the energy and determination to achieve our goals.


Can you think of any other things we should avoid in order to start a healthy life? Tell us your story in the comments below. We’d love to hear about it!